Recently, the Novokuznetsk Mining and Coal Exhibition was held in Novokuznetsk, Russia, from June 4 to 7. As a leading company focusing on the field of machinery parts, Jining Huida Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was honored to attend the exhibition on behalf of Chinese suppliers. In this event,
2024/06/05 18:43
Recently, Jining Huida Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in CTT and XPO (Moscow International Construction Equipment and Technology Exhibition and Novokuznetsk Mining and Coal Exhibition). As an enterprise mainly engaged in machinery accessories, this exhibition showed the
2024/05/31 11:13
On January 6, 2024, Jining Huida Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand 2023 annual summary and 2024 kick-off meeting at Mehood Hotel in Jining City.All colleagues of Huida Machinery gathered together to summarize and reflect on 2023, which is full of tension, fulfillment and growth. Mr.
2024/01/09 17:41
Engine Spare Parts:Cylinder block /Cylinder head/Fuel pump /Injection pump /Water Pump/Oil pump/Priming pump/Turbocharger /Alternator/Air compressor/Controller/SensorBelt/Injector/Wiring harness/Crankshaft/Camshaft/Thermostat/Starting motor/Piston /Piston ring/Piston pin/Liner/Connecting rod/Main
2023/08/23 11:11
Bauma Russia 2023 came to a successful conclusion. With the joint efforts of all Huida staff, we have reached long-term cooperation with several customers, which is the best proof of our staff's hard work and dedication.Building long-lasting relationships with customers is crucial for the growth
2023/08/23 10:13