Construction projects heavily rely on reliable and high-quality machinery for optimal performance. Here, we highlight some leading brands known for their exceptional construction equipment:American Brands: Caterpillar, John Deere, Bobcat, and Terex. These brands are synonymous with durability and
2024/07/13 11:25
Hydraulic pumps play a vital role in numerous industrial and engineering applications, serving as a fundamental component where hydraulic power needs to be efficiently transferred. Understanding the functions and significance of hydraulic pumps is crucial for appreciating their essential role in
2024/07/12 17:29
When operating excavators, one of the most common issues faced is abnormal increase in diesel consumption or burning oil. This not only raises equipment operating costs but also leads to equipment wear and failure. To address this issue, it is crucial to identify the root causes of increased fuel
2024/07/11 09:43
When it comes to Japanese imported machines, the Komatsu excavator stands out for its exceptional performance and durability, winning the hearts of machine enthusiasts in the Chinese market. However, regardless of the series, after thousands of hours of operation in various construction
2024/07/10 09:31
Why is it difficult to start an excavator in winter? It is not only determined by its own technical condition, but also by the outside temperature. Starting more difficult in low temperature in winter, mainly due to the following reasons: (1) cold winter climate, low ambient temperature, oil
2024/03/20 16:35
Check whether the diesel pump pump body oil leakage: check whether the diesel pump seals (gaskets, oil seals, etc.) is damaged or aging, if there is damage or aging need to replace the relevant parts in a timely manner.Check whether the parts of the diesel pump are worn: open the diesel pump,
2024/03/19 11:21
Injector spray atomization and the shape of the oil beam on the engine work has a great impact, if the oil cambium shape is reasonable, atomization effect is good, then the engine will get a good cold start, smooth idling, less emissions effect. Atomization quality is related to injection pressure
2024/03/18 14:44
Injector troubleshooting methods1. Few or no oil injected by the injector.2. Injector injection pressure is too low.3. Injector injection pressure is too high4. Leakage of fuel injector injectors5. Poor atomization of fuel injector injection6, Injector injection into the line7, Injector needle
2024/02/28 10:21
Jining Huida company is equipped with a first-class spare parts warehouse in order to ensure fast delivery, located in the industrial area of our city. It has a fluid space for storing and managing various goods and items. The interior of the warehouse features tall shelves and lockers for easy and
2023/08/23 11:20
Professional knowledge and skills, efficient communication, quality serviceJining Huida Construction Machinery specializes in engineering machinery engine components, hydraulic components, and other accessories, covering dozens of international brands, providing various specifications and models of
2023/08/23 10:37
1. You only have Komatsu spare parts?We also have other brands,such as Carter, Hitachi, Kobelco, Volvo, Cummins, etc...2. How about your warranty? Generally 6 months3. Can I visit your warehouse?yes, welcome4. What is your MOQ, can I order only 1pc injector?MOQ:1pc so, 1pc injector no problem5. 
2023/08/23 10:25