Injector troubleshooting methods1. Few or no oil injected by the injector.2. Injector injection pressure is too low.3. Injector injection pressure is too high4. Leakage of fuel injector injectors5. Poor atomization of fuel injector injection6, Injector injection into the line7, Injector needle
2024/02/28 10:21
Jining Huida company is equipped with a first-class spare parts warehouse in order to ensure fast delivery, located in the industrial area of our city. It has a fluid space for storing and managing various goods and items. The interior of the warehouse features tall shelves and lockers for easy and
2023/08/23 11:20
Jining Huida Construction Machinery specializes in engineering machinery engine components, hydraulic components, and other accessories, covering dozens of international brands, providing various specifications and models of components to meet the needs of different brands and models of engineering
2023/08/23 10:37
1. You only have Komatsu spare parts?We also have other brands,such as Carter, Hitachi, Kobelco, Volvo, Cummins, etc...2. How about your warranty? Generally 6 months3. Can I visit your warehouse?yes, welcome4. What is your MOQ, can I order only 1pc injector?MOQ:1pc so, 1pc injector no problem5. 
2023/08/23 10:25